Habits and Mindsets

We Are Not The Billboard Hero’s We Were Told We Could Be- Fuzz Chucas www.chrischucas.com

We Are Not The Billboard Hero’s We Were Told We Could Be- Fuzz Chucas www.chrischucas.com


Habits and Mindsets is a project that’s really really personal to me. I’ve been shooting diary type images based of a fascination with cinema and the way we read scenes. I would always carry my camera and taking images listening to music would be cathartic and almost automatic process. I had these ideas and working with themes of mental health, solitude and community but didn’t really start to formulate it into a more solid format until I was lucky enough to be accepted to undertake my Ma in Documentary Photography at Falmouth. It was there I really fleshed out those ideas and really pushed myself to get a bit wild with it. A lot of stuff didn’t work and some of it opened up new worlds to me of playing with text and how curating images together can be so intricate and complex. I took a lot of inspiration from artists like Nan Goldin, Anthony Luvera and Jeff Wall who may seem rally different but I love the way that Goldin just owns her subject matter being completely honest and out there with it, I’d have loved to have been around at the time her ‘The Ballad of Sexual Dependancy’ work was coming about. Jeff Wall as well just doing his own thing and re enacting scenes but dismissing any notion of them as being ‘staged’ or ‘false’ just really blew my mind when I listened to his ‘we are all actors’ interview and processed it. I’ve tried to make this work as honest as possible and I love how socially engaged practices are having a big impact on the communities around the issues artists are exploring, particulars inspired by Anthony Luvera’s practice. The main outcomes for it have been a zine, exhibitions and starting this online magazine to bring people together and hopefully bring about an art collective with a bit of time. I want to say an extra special thank you to Spencer Murphy, and Wendy Mcmurdo who were amazing in working with me on some of the last stages with feedback and putting it together. The Cardiff exhibition was a success and I had great support from the punkrock community as well as people coming out to support Heads Above The Waves an organisation I partnered with for it.

Any profits from Zines and limited edition prints will be split and going towards them to fund the amazing mental health workshops they provide young people in South Wales and the South West. There’s a link to the opening night in Cardiff below and I wanted to say an extra thank you to Brightr for being generous enough for playing the show ( musically) a lot of his music really ties in with all of the themes of the work.. I’m hoping to travel the show to various cities with Swansea, Bristol, Warrington and Exeter currently being finalised. If your a band or mental health organisation anywhere in the UK I’d love to get in touch to try and put on more shows. You can tell from the video it’s more about bringing people together and involving music as much as possible. Think of it like a gig with art. I’m hoping to self publish a book with a wider range of the work and possible split it into several volumes. I see the project being a really long form one that I’ll continue for a considerable amount of time.

Cardiff Exhibition Video

Artist Statement

If I said the words ‘Punk Rock Band’ some people might think of extravagant hair styles, brash attitudes, and crude lyrics.

I think of something different. I think of progressive people who don't define themselves by retro fashion. They are people who have something different or unique to say, and they use fast, loud music to express genuine emotions.  Punk-rock has become more inclusive and sincere, using the energy and outspokenness of the earlier punk movement to deliver new messages. I feel that punk bands I listened to growing up have made me a better person. Bands are delivering positive messages about understanding, equality, and fairness.

Although this project started out as a reportage look into the punk rock scene it soon transformed into a wider look of a generation. I’ve explored themes of mental health and solitude with the hope of bringing together a community and raising awareness to these issues. We're better together.

Project Statement

Music and art have always been a cathartic process for me and I wanted to merge this relationship with music, art, and community together to say something about my generation. We have never been more divided and lost. Inspired by the punk rock community the focus has expanded greatly. I explored themes of mental health and community with a very personal process collaborating with many other people. The words are both mine and other song writers. We're always better together.

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